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I co-founded Recent Cutbacks in 2014 with Kristin McCarthy Parker & Kyle Schaefer. Together we devised the gooftastic & critically hailed two-man-one-foley parody of Jurassic ParkHold On To Your Butts. We followed that show up with parodies of two of our favorite blockbusters: Fly You Fools, a highly choreographed send up of The Fellowship of the Rings, and KEVIN!!!!!a dizzyingly puppeted homage to Home Alone

In spring of 2019, the final six episodes of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday nights. On Monday nights, we performed a parody of the episode that aired the night before. We called it Next Day ThronesIt was wild. Check it out. In May of 2020, we made a 20-minute Zoom parody of the movie GroundHog Day.


In 2018, we were commissioned to write an Audible Original and our six-part parody lecture series called History of the 3rd Robot War premiered on Audible in April of 2021. Download directly from Audible or check out our website for more details.

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