I co-founded Recent Cutbacks in 2014 with Kristin McCarthy Parker & Kyle Schaefer. Together we devised the gooftastic & critically hailed two-man-one-foley parody of Jurassic ParkHold On To Your Butts. We followed that show up with parodies of two of our favorite blockbusters: Fly You Fools, a highly choreographed send up of The Fellowship of the Rings, and KEVIN!!!!!, a dizzyingly puppeted homage to Home Alone

In spring of 2019, the final six episodes of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday nights. On Monday nights, we performed a parody of the episode that aired the night before. We called it Next Day ThronesIt was wild. Check it out.


In May of 2020, we made a 20-minute Zoom parody of the movie GroundHog Day and we're currently working on an Audible original, which should be out sometime in early 2021.

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